[Mansa-l] Dissertations written in Mande languages?

Don Osborn dzo at bisharat.net
Lun 24 Avr 07:13:20 CDT 2017

Have any doctoral dissertations (or masters theses) been written in any
Mande languages? The question comes in the wake of a story about a
dissertation in Xhosa, which is hardly an isolated case, though doctoral
dissertations in African languages are relatively rare (and it depends on
the language of course).


I had the impression from some conversations (and from seeing a polycopied
typed monolingual Pular dictionary) in Guinea 30 years ago that at least
some theses at universities in that country under Sékou Touré were written
in national languages – presumably including Maninka – but I have no solid


Most of the information I’ve found so far is from Nigeria, East Africa/Horn
of Africa, and South Africa. The typical pattern, such as emerges from my
limited familiarity with the field, is for dissertations and theses in
African languages to be accepted only in departments of African languages,
and for there to be some production of master’s theses in an African
language before any dissertation. However, there are exceptions.


Thanks in advance,


Don Osborn

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