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ASA panel Call for Papers. Please respond directly to Jeanne Maddox Toungara: jtoungara at howard.edu.

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Subject: Ideologies of the State--Explorations in Political Culture

Given the ASA theme this year, I am proposing the panel topic described below.
Please share with the list.  I know the deadline is March 15, but we only need two more presenters.

"Ideologies of the State: Explorations in Political Culture (past, present, future)"
This panel will explore notions of power and authority through the lens of ethnicity, clan affiliation, and locality.  It proposes to present an inside-out analysis to better understand the underpinnings of culture and historical hierarchies in the exercise of contemporary political relations, as well as to examine some of the strengths and weaknesses  in approaches to governance.   In several cases, the imposition of western electoral practices and the democratization of African nations have reopened old fissures and (re)created regional and ethnic alliances.  Notions of the "state" and citizens' expectations of its capacity to meet their needs may vary among the colonial legacies that shaped westernization.  The panel seeks to reveal how are citizens are grappling with democratization and whether their experiences correspond to --or conflict with-- local notions of power, authority, and reciprocity.  What can we learn from the past?  How have the layered legacies of precolonial conquest, colonialism, and postcolonialism (one-party state, multiparty democracy, military rule) impacted the potential for "good governance" going forward in multiethnic nations?

Please make suggestions to the above.

Jeanne Toungara explore the impact of "badenya and fadenya" to explain political culture in Northwestern Cote d'Ivoire.
Joseph Hellweg will present on the donzo in contemporary politics.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you would like to participate.


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