[Mansa-l] Another music topic: flen bala(lamellophone)

Cherif Keita ckeita at carleton.edu
Sun Aug 2 11:37:24 CDT 2015

For the past year and half, I have been obsessively listening to a Fuladougou musician, the late Boukary N'Diayé(from the village of Torolo). This man was truly a master of the flenbala(flenkolon bala), the thumb piano(also called timbo, in other regions) and an amazing composer. His lyrics are beautiful and full of wisdom. Professor Lucy Duran was able to bring back to me the market copy of a radio-Mali recording and recently, during my visit to Mali, I managed to get six cassettes of private concerts he gave at various people's houses. Again, it is the same great music.
My question is this: is there any Mansaden out there who has done research in the Fouladougou area and has come across any of these three flenbala musicians: the late Fankélé (Diarra?), Boukary N'Diayé or Tibissa Balla(from the village of Tibissa)? If anybody has their recordings, I would be grateful for sharing them with me. Thanks, Cherif Keita 

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