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FINDING THE ONE - The strange and parallel lives of the West African Kora and the Welsh Harp

The new book by ANDY MORGAN

with photos by Andy Morgan and Josh Pullman

The West African kora and the Welsh harp are ancient instruments that come from different worlds, and yet their stories are full of strange and striking parallels.

In Finding The One: The strange and parallel lives of the West African Kora and the Welsh Harp, writer and journalist Andy Morgan recounts their origins in the warrior culture of the old Manding empire of West Africa and the medieval kingdoms of Wales.

The book was written to accompany the release of  Clychau Dibon [http://www.amazon.co.uk/Clychau-Dibon-Seckou-Keita-Catrin/dp/B00F0YT9R6], the award-wining new album by Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita. It tells their fascinating stories, which are full of tragedy, comedy and an acute sense of place.

Pacey, readable, evocative, Finding The One plunges you into a world of griots and bards, Welsh warrior princes and West African kings, djinns and faeries, poets and holy men, preachers and revivalists, artisans and harp makers. You'll travel from the lush green hills of West Wales to the gentle savannah of southern Senegal and back.

Published by Theatr Mwldan and Astar Artes 2013 / 84 Pages. Includes English original and Welsh translation by Catrin Henry.

Extracts & Photo Gallery

'How the kora came to mankind...' [http://www.andymorganwrites.com/finding-the-one-extract-1-how-the-kora-came-to-mankind/]

'Meths, gunpowder and revival of harp-making in Wales' [http://www.andymorganwrites.com/finding-the-one-meths-gunpowder-and-the-revival-of-harp-making-in-wales/]

'If you're a Keita, you're royalty' [http://www.andymorganwrites.com/finding-the-one-if-your-name-is-keita-youre-still-royalty/]

Photo Essay - Clychau Dibon [http://www.andymorganwrites.com/clychau-dibon-photo-gallery/]

Buy the book

Finding The One will be available at the merchandising stall at all future Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita gigs. You can also buy it online from:

The Theatr Mwldan Shop [http://mwldan.ticketsolve.com/products/onlineproduct?locale=en-GB&TSLVq=8762c3aa-c68f-43bd-9e22-a0c161e357e2&TSLVp=b80962b9-9c98-4bdc-b96a-36912695dde5&TSLVts=1390408485&TSLVc=ticketsolve&TSLVe=mwldan&TSLVrt=Safetynet&TSLVh=42f7fa1c2579fc92c7381abec7fee704]

Astar Artes Shop [http://astarartes.bandcamp.com/album/clychau-dibon]

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