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Thanks Charles. There was also a suggestion that a second proverb was also used: 
Bolokɔni kelen tɛ se ka bɛlɛ ta. - One finger cannot pick up a pebble/gravel. 


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Hi Don,

The Bambara version is quoted in articles from RFI and ORTM, with the latter stating: "La patronne du Fonds monétaire international a commencé son adresse au Conseil par un proverbe Bambara".

The proverb was "Dònsòya la basi ye timinandya ye", or, the talisman of the hunter is perseverance.

Charles Riley

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During her recent visit to Mali, IMF director Christine Lagarde reportedly used a couple of Bambara proverbs. There was a question on Twitter as to whether she actually said them in Bambara or in French translation. 

This got me curious too. Does anyone have any information on this?

Don Osborn

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