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Dear MANSAdenw:

As already announced, the Call For Papers for the 9th International MANSA Conference (in the attached document) follows:

In partnership with the National Center for Scientific Research and Technology of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation 




The encounter of peoples and civilizations often results in a rebirth. Civilizations that meet often generate situations of shock, violence or change through assimilation, borrowing, recycling or cultural creolization. 

The Mande name, which brings a multitude of peoples, ethnicities, and clans together into larger territorial units serves as a point of departure for the exploration of this process. West African history dates back to the domestication of African rice, i.e. 3000 years before our era. However, the Ghana Empire whose beginnings date back to at least the eighth century CE built a culture, a civilization that has served as the foundation for what we now call the Mande world. 

Scrutinizing the Mande world’s encounter with the Arab-Muslim world reveals the contact process which was operated by the spread of Islam, but also of trade which was originally not only the source for the dissemination of goods, but also and especially the source of major population movements that gave rise to human and cultural intermingling (literary diffusion, arts, music, religions etc.). 

Early significant encounters with the Western world came about during the triangular trade of Atlantic slavery, followed by the colonial conquest of Africa with guns accompanied by the foreign school, colonial language, and inflows of material culture from the colonists’ homeland. More recently, the outside flows into the Mande world through global media, travel, commerce, and international development agencies and personnel from the East, West, North, and South.

All these encounters resulted over time and space in reciprocal influences on cultures, peoples and civilizations.
It is interesting now, to examine these encounters of civilizations and their mutual influences. 
The conference will focus on several areas of work in relation to the issues raised below on the encounter of the Mande with the  world outside of Africa as well as the contributions, enhancements other effects on the lives of Mande peoples.

These subthemes are as follows:

Subtheme 1: Mande world’s encounter with Eastern World
Subtheme 2: Mande world’s encounter with the Western World.
Subtheme 3: Mande world’s encounter with other worlds 
Subtheme 4: Mande world and cultural mixing in other Eastern and Western areas
Subtheme 5: Mande Music and its influences on Eastern and Western music
Subtheme 6: Mande Literature and Influence on Eastern and Western literatures
Subtheme 7: Arts: (including clothing and food) and Mande influence on Eastern and Western arts
Subtheme 8: Mande architecture and encounter with the Eastern and Western architectures
Subtheme 9: Development Policies Mande, Eastern and Western
Subtheme 10: Mande world and Eastern and Western colonial history
Subtheme 11 Urbanism: Mande, Eastern and Western

Schedule and Procedures:

January 2014: First call for panel and paper proposals. 

February 28, 2014: Panel chairs to issue general listserv notices of their panels and request submission of titles and abstracts (earlier notices welcome).

March 15, 2014: Submission of paper proposals to panel chair/organizers.. 

April 20, 2014: Submission of papers to Barbara Hoffman (b.hoffman at csuohio.edu) by West African colleagues residing in West Africa who wish to compete for funding to attend the conference. (This means Barbara Hoffman must receive the papers by this date.)

April 20, 2014: Deadline for submission to Kassim Kone (kassim.kone at cortland.edu) of unattached paper titles & abstracts (i.e., papers not already part of a panel) 

April 30, 2014: MANSA Membership, Conference Registration and fee payment to Dianna Bell (mansa_treas at yahoo.com). African colleagues living in Africa exempted.  Further instructions regarding payment of conference registration will be sent out via the listserv.
May 15, 2014: Board/Jury members’ evaluation and ranking of West African colleagues’ papers to be returned to Barbara Hoffman.. 

May 20, 2014: Barbara Hoffman informs our African colleagues selected for funding their participation in the conference.

Scientific Committee 
KONE Kassim (State University of New York at Cortland, USA)
HOFFMAN, Barbara (Cleveland State University, USA)
SISSAO Alain Joseph (Institut des Sciences des Sociétés Centre National de la recherche scientifique et Technologique (INSS/CNRST)
SANOGO Mamadou Lamine (Institut des Sciences des Sociétés Centre National de la recherché scientifique et Technologique (INSS/CNRST)
BANTENGA Willy Moussa (Université de Ouagadougou)
TRAORE Bakary (Institut des Sciences des Sociétés Centre National de la recherché scientifique et Technologique (INSS/CNRST)

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