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Dear friends,


As per my emails below, I am pleased to announce that the 9,410 songs which
constitute the sound archive of Radio Télévision Guinée (RTG) have been
catalogued in the British Library’s Sound and Moving Image Catalogue
<http://cadensa.bl.uk/cgi-bin/webcat>  and are now available for listening
to in the reading rooms
<http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/quickinfo/loc/stp/index.html> .


The British Library have asked me to write a blog at their web site which
describes the RTG music archival projects. Here is the link -


Those with an appetite for more can read a personal account of each trip at
my website. The 2009 project is perhaps the most interesting read -
http://www.radioafrica.com.au/EAP_2009.html and


Best wishes,


Dr Graeme Counsel

 <http://www.conservatorium.unimelb.edu.au/staff/graeme_counsel> Honorary
Fellow, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne
 <http://www.afsaap.org.au/> Treasurer, African Studies Association of
Australasia and the Pacific
 <http://www.radioafrica.com.au/> Radio Africa





Dear friends,


An excel spreadsheet of the catalogue of the Radio Télévision Guinée sound
archive, containing 9,410 songs, is now at my web site -


The British Library will have the audio recordings available to the public
in their Reading Room by June 2013. 


Best wishes,





Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce the completion of my British Library “Endangered
Archives Programme” Major Research Project which digitised all of the audio
recordings held in the sound archives of Radio Television Guinee. This was a
process whereby each analogue audio reel was digitised, with a total of over
7,500 Guinean songs archived. This represents a huge resource, which will
soon be available at the British Library’s reading room. 

The wealth and variety of the material is staggering. Virtually all of the
recordings, which date from 1960, were recorded in the Voix de la Revolution
studios by technicians of the calibre of Moussa Konaté. Most of the
recordings are of Syliphone quality. The collection contains literally
hundreds of unreleased songs by artists and groups such as Kouyaté Sory
Kandia, Syli Orchestre National, Bembeya Jazz, Keletigui et ses Tambourinis,
and all the other national and federal orchestras. There is also a lot of
material of the post-Touré era, until the mid-1990s, so groups such as Super
Flambeau and Atlantic Mélodie are also present. Most of the material has
never been heard outside of Guinea. In addition, there are many recordings
by hugely popular artists such as Farba Tela, Binta Laaly Sow, Ilou
Diouhèrè, Mama Kanté, To Kouyaté, Koubia Jazz, and Jeanne Macauley, who are
largely unknown outside of Guinea. There are also thousands of folklorique
recordings from all of Guinea’s language groups. In essence, it is an
absolute treasure trove of material, and represents perhaps the largest
music archiving project completed in Africa. 

I am in the process of creating an excel spreadsheet of the archival
collection, so that it can be name sorted, date sorted, etc. I am weeding
out the duplicate recordings, a long process, but in a few weeks it should
be available for download at my Radio Africa website. I will advise.

I have also gained access to some wonderful videos of Guinean musicians -
unreleased studio and concert footage of Kouyaté Sory Kandia, Keletigui et
ses Tambourinis, Kaloum Star, Ensemble Instrumental National, and many
others, which I am currently putting on Youtube for all to enjoy. Here is a
taste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHIDKJqS57c and I suggest you click on
the Subscribe button under the video so that when new ones are uploaded you
will be notified. Click on my RadioAfrica1 logo to see all the videos, or go
to www.radioafrica.com.au and click on the Radio Africa Videos link.

Best wishes to all.




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