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Dear all greetings,
David, based upon the latest udaptes that I got on the eve of the ceremony
of the 40th day o the passsing of our brother Sekou Camara you're correct.
Adama, the junior sister of Sekou Camara and Mahaly, (Mamourou), the senior
bother of Sekouba Camara, (who was in Timbucktu), told me that Bintou went
back to Balandougou, her native village.
It is good to know that you are arriving soon in Bamako to renew the
blessings from MANSA. May Sekou Camara Rest In Peace and God bless MANSA
and all MANSA-denw.
Sincerely yours,


On Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 1:05 PM, David Conrad <basitigi at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Memo to MANSAdenw who knew Kabaya Sekou Camara and sent donations to our
> Secretary-Treasurer:
> This morning I notified Dianna Bell that I'll be leaving for Bamako a week
> from Monday, on January 14th.
> Dianna was planning to send me the donations as soon as I got final
> approval of my trip, so I assume I'll be delivering the funds.
> A couple of points re: the message below from our brother Berte.
> I'm familiar with the (not at all unusual) complications involved in the
> family matters, and by following the normal Mande protocols and with
> Berte's very well-informed guidance, the funds will be appropriately
> delivered and distributed to where they need to go.
> This is an unusually short trip for me (only two weeks), so I'm not sure
> I'll be able to get down to the home village of Kabaya in Wasulu. It's a
> lot easier to get there now than it used to be, so I'll do my best. In any
> case, #1 wife Tata (mother of nine of the children) is in Bamako.
> A couple of points of clarification:
> The brother Berte mentions whose mother was from Timbuktu ( she was
> married to Seydou Camara when he was stationed there in WWII), is one I've
> known as Mamadi since 1975 in Kabaya. Mamadi has resided in Timbuktu for
> several decades, but has probably moved back south under the present
> circumstances.
> Given the circumstances of how Sekou acquired his new wife Bintou Sidibe,
> it is not surprising that Berte was was unable to be entirely accurate
> about how that happened. Bintou was presented to Sekou by appreciative
> elders, but not from his home village of Kabaya. In 2010, Sekou was working
> with me in Kankan, and it was his first ever visit to Guinea (and to the
> elaborate tomb of the famous Karamogo who was his namesake.)  I didn't know
> it at the time, but after a few weeks when Sekou left me to return to
> Bamako, he went first to his father's home village of Balandougou, which is
> in Guinea.
> Six months later in 2011 in Bamako when I met with Sekou to arrange to
> have him join me again in Kankan, I learned that when he had arrived at
> Balandougou in 2010, the elders expressed their delight at the visit of a
> long-lost son and their determination to create a renewed bond between
> Seydou's offspring and the home village, that they presented Sekou with
> Bintou (who already had an infant on her back).
> So when Sekou showed up at Point Sud in 2011 with a lovely young Fulamuso
> and her baby, that was the explanation. Sekou was quite chuffed about his
> new wife, but those of you who knew him well might recall some of his
> hysterically funny monologues derived from his joking relations with
> Fulamusolu he encountered at various times (on a bus, in a market, on the
> street, etc.). Being married to a Fulamuso who could accurately be seen as
> a genuine "trophy wife," didn't change a thing. At one point when I
> complimented the young woman's classic Fulamuso beauty, Sekou leaned over
> with a frown, scrutinized her face very closely and replied, "Yes, but she
> does look like a monkey."
> As I mentioned in my remarks after we heard of Sekou's passing, Bintou had
> recently given birth to a son with Sekou, and he had also adopted her other
> baby. We had a similar situation with a baramuso when Tereba Togola died,
> and were able to see to it that she was not left out of the benefits. I'm
> optimistic that  we can do the same in this case. If Bintou has returned to
> Balandougou (which I think would be the best thing for her and those two
> infants), I'll be back in Guinea on my next trip in a month or so, and will
> see what can be done in that regard.
> With warm regards to all, David
> Begin forwarded message:
> *From: *Berte Sekou <berthesekou at gmail.com>
> *Date: *December 14, 2012 4:18:57 AM PST
> *To: *Kassim Kone <Kassim.Kone at cortland.edu>
> *Cc: *MANSA <mansa-l at groups.txstate.edu>
> *Subject: **Re: [Mansa-l] Memorial Donation to Sekou Camara's Family*
> Dear all greetings,
> I am writing to send you an informative message that might be helpful in
> informing and instructing the MANSA memorial donation to Kabaya Sekou
> Camara's family.
> Clearly, a MANSA donation will not only be representing a symbolic
> reciprocation but also a unique blessing thatwill be furthering the
> presence of MANSA as a family and a social network throughout Kabaya Sekou
> Camara's family in Mali and West-Africa.
> Now is a time to share some details from a fragment of the lives and
> experience that Sekou Camrara is touching. I am one of his ENSUP classmates
> and I have the privilege of having nurtured a long time friendship with him
> ever since we graduate from ENSUP.
> He is clearly from a big family and as he used to joke, a scattered
> family: a part in Kabaya, Timbucktu and Bamako and in Guinee. As he used to
> joke also, his children make a soccer team with the 11 field players and
> the 5 substitudes.
> Mahaly Camara is his senior brother that our Seydou Camara got from a
> Tamasheq lady in Timbucktu. His first son is a 30 years old boy; who is
> mentally disabled, his mane is Sirmankan (Karamoko) Camara.
> On a key note, Sekou Camara as you likely know, and an American woman
> helped in building a community health Center in Kabaya. The Kabaya
> community elders offered him a young woman 2 years ago in terms of
> community gratefulness.
> Her name is Bintou Sidibe. Bintou was waiting for a boy who is maned
> Mamadou Baya Camara. Bintou went with Sekou Camara in Kankan to the Moro
> Sidibe Clinic, where he tried to get his abdominal tumor surgery done anew;
> but was advised to come back in Bamako, because his physical conditions
> could stand a surgery in Guinee.
> The disturbing element of the present faimily picture is that, it looks
> that Seydou Camara, the second boy that Sekou Camra and Oumou brought in
> the world and Mamadou Baya Camara, the baby from Bintou are facing problems
> with Tata Doumbia, his senior widow.  From what Seydou told me last Monday,
> it looks that Tata is not looking a Mamadou Baya Camara as a legetimate
> heir of Sekou Camara.
> My point is not that MANSA should be burdened with such a noisy debate.
> However, my suggestion is that Mahaly Camara, Sekou Camara's senior
> brother, Mamadou Baya Camara, the younguest son and the Camara family in
> Kabaya and the entire community that the health care center will be helping
> in Kabaya should be associated to the MANSA memorial donation.
> FYI, I am listing the phone numbers of Mahaly Camara, Tata Doumbia, Bintou
> Sidibe, Seydou Camara, (second son) in case you might want to touch base
> with the family whenever convenient.
>    - Mahaly, (Moumourou)  Camara @ 71 59 87 08 & 73 33 29 04
>    - Tata Doumbia @ 73 49 39 43 (Sekou Camara's cell phone) & 78 06 46 44
>    - Bintou Sidibe @ 71 01 27 09
>    - Seydou Camara @ 76 17 51 74
>   Hoping that these lines are informative and wishing a blessed week,
> please drop me a line when your time allows.
> Allah k'a jigi yoro nyan, (RIP).
> Berte
> On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 5:39 PM, Kassim Kone <Kassim.Kone at cortland.edu>wrote:
>> Greetings MANSADENW:
>> I have received a few messages from MANSAdenw offering to send money as a
>> memorial donation to Sekou Camara’s family. We also discussed this issue at
>> our annual business meeting in Philadelphia.  To facilitate this, I am
>> proposing that those of you who have Paypal accounts to send the money to
>> mansa-treas at yahoo.com with the instruction that it is a memorial
>> donation to Sekou Camara’s family. If you are sending a check, please send
>> it also to Secretary-Treasurer:
>> Dianna Bell
>> 823 Governor’s Drive
>> Tallahassee, FL 32301
>> Dianna will send the proceeds to a carrier going to Bamako. David Conrad
>> may be traveling to Mali in a few weeks, so the earlier you send your
>> contributions the better.
>> Kassim Kone
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