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> Hi Stephen:
>      She is correct about this having been a very grand event in  
> 1972- forty years ago. The exhibition alone was large, housed in the  
> then Museum of Mankind near The Strand. Prince William of  
> Gloucester, the Queen's cousin, gave remarks at the opening session.  
> He was then working in Nigeria. The President of The Gambia  was  
> also there. I attended it as did a number of Malians, including  
> Yussuf Cisse. Dominique Zahan, Viviana Paques, Solange de Ganay, and  
> Germaine Dieterlen- all students of Marcel Griaule- were there. So  
> were Paule and Gerard Brasseur.  This is where I met all of them for  
> the first time.  While David Dalby organized the conference, Dr. Guy  
> Atkins of SOAS organized the exhibition of art objects.  He  
> introduced Dominique and me to Leopold Senghor and to Dauda Jawara,  
> President of the Gambia when they visited the exhibition. He had  
> asked us to be there to  answer any questions they had about the  
> objects. We took a double decker bus to get to the museum. Dominique  
> had never been on one and was hesitant to use it, but really enjoyed  
> the ride once we got on.
>      Dominique strongly suggested that I take a copy of each printed  
> paper that was available as he doubted that they would ever publish  
> them as proceedings as originally promised. he was right as no  
> proceedings were ever published.  I did take a copy of each paper,   
> and  years later gave them to the Warren Robbins Library at the  
> National Museum of African Art. They did publish a booklet- Manding  
> Conference 1972. Report and Recommendations that lists all the  
> participants.
>      Reading this was a nice trip down memory lane.
> Best,
> Pat
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> Subject: [Mansa-l] interesting piece on 1972 manding conference
> hi, all.
> just came across this piece on the internet...
> http://www.businessdayonline.com/NG/index.php/analysis/columnists/41590-manding-culture-and-the-mali-empire
> stephen
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