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David Conrad basitigi at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 18 12:17:42 CDT 2011

Scammers have acquired Noemie Arazi's address (see below).
I'm not sure I have her current address, so if anybody is in touch  
with her, please let her know.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: noemie arazi <noemiearazi at hotmail.com>
> Date: May 18, 2011 2:02:38 AM PDT
> Subject: Sad News...noemie arazi
> Hello,
> How are you? i do hope that you receive this email in good health.   
> I am presently in Madrid Spain to be with my ill Cousin. She's  
> suffering from a critical uterine fibroid and must undergo a  
> hysterectomy surgery to save her life , am deeply sorry for not  
> writing or calling you before leaving but the news of her illness  
> arrived to me as an emergency and that she needs family support to  
> keep her going, I hope you understand my plight and pardon me.
> I want to transfer her back home to have the surgery implemented  
> there because hysterectomy surgery is very expensive here, Am  
> wondering if you can be of any assistance to me, I need about 2000  
> Euro to make the necessary arrangement, I traveled with little money  
> due to the short time I had to prepare for this trip and never  
> expected things to be the way it is right now. I'll surely pay you  
> back once I get back home, I need to get her home ASAP because she  
> is going through a lot of pain at the moment and the doctor have  
> advised that it necessary that the tumor is operated soon to avoid  
> anything from going wrong.  I'll reimburse you at my return.
> Anticipating your reply at the earliest to my request!!
> noemie arazi

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