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Ralph is correct, Ariane Deluz participated in the MANSA founders  
meeting at Madison, Wisconsin in 1986.
She was one of our steadiest members through the years, attending many  
of our annual meetings at ASA (despite having to come from Europe),  
and nearly all of our international conferences, always making  
significant contributions. She was also co-editor of our journal Mande  

Ariane was one of our most respected and accomplished scholars,  
returning regularly to her research villages and spending extended  
periods of time there. Each of us who were fortunate to experience her  
friendship and kind heartedness over the years will retain our own  
fond memories of this genuine musofadi who has moved on to lahara.

Ala ka hiná la
Ala ka mèlèkè nyuman sig’a kunna
Ala ka dayòrò sumaya
Ala ka tinyè sum’a kòrò

On Mar 8, 2010, at 7:36 AM, Kassim Kone wrote:

> Dear MANSAdenw:
> It is with great sorrow that I have learned the passing of a  
> wonderful Mande scholar, friend, and member of our MANSA, Ariane  
> Deluz. Ariane had been ill for some time and passed away in January.  
> It is only today that I received the news of her passing through  
> Valentin Vydrine. Indeed, one of the giant MANSA trees has fallen.  
> Ariane will be missed. May she rest in peace!
> Chers MANSAdenw:
> C'est avec une très grande tristesse que j'ai appris le décès  
> d'une grande intellectuelle du monde Mande, une amie, et membre de  
> notre MANSA, Ariane Deluz. Ariane qui avait été malade depuis  
> quelque temps est décédée au mois Janvier. C'est seulement  
> aujourd'hui que j'ai reçu des nouvelles de son décès par  
> l’intermédiaire de Valentin Vydrine. En effet, l'un des arbres  
> géants du MANSA vient de tomber. Ariane nous manquera. Repose en  
> paix, Ariane!
> An Balima MANSAdenw:
> N dusukun tͻͻrͻlenba b’aw ladͻnniya k’a fͻ aw ka Mande  
> jamana karamͻgͻba, ni n tεri, ni an ka MANSAden, Ariyani de Luzi,  
> sosεginna. Ariyani ladalen tun don bana bolo laban in na. A faatura  
> zanwuye kalo la. Bi de dͻrͻn ne ye banni kibaruya mεn Walantεn  
> Widirini sababu la. Tiɲεn na, MANSA jiriba dͻ binnen ye nin ye.  
> Ariyani, i ye an bila ɲεnafin na. Ariyani, Ala ka i dayͻrͻ suman!
> Kasimu Kͻne
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