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Or another strategy would be to put pressure on the International Companies that are extracting Bauxite, assuming that is what funding (and not illegal drugs) this military and the president. 


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The news is extremely distressing.  An army and even a presidential guard completely out of control, with a "president" who will take no responsibility, and now wants to be elected in.  The indications are that the Fulbe are the central target (again).  It seems futile to try to get the US government to act, when they can't even act in Palestine or Sudan.  The African Union is once again flaccid, and "urged Guinean officials to respect the freedom," blah blah blah.  Perhaps strategic funding of opposition figures and their security by anyone in a position to do so might help.

Fred Lamp

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Dear MANSAdenw:

Many of you have heard or read about the Guinean Military junta's horrible treatment of the civilian population of Guinea. Ibrahima Sory Conde's email yesterday that was subsequently forwarded by Valentin Vydrine and Cornelia Giesing's report on TV news in Europe are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what our relatives are undergoing in Guinea. I am writing to ask each and every willing member of our association to do what you can towards finding a solution to the present problem: calling your senator, congress person, deputé, member of parliament, diplomats, news people to influence public opinion for a prompt resolution of the current conflict.

Cher MANSAdenw:

Beaucoup d'entre vous avez lu ou entendu parler du traitement horrible de la population civile guinéenne aux mains de la junte militaire guinéene. Le courriel d'hier d' Ibrahima Sory Condé, qui a ensuite été retransmis par Valentin Vydrine et le rapport de Cornelia Giesing sur les nouvelles televisées en Europe ne sont que la pointe de l'iceberg en ce qui concerne ce que nos parents subissent actuellement en Guinée. Je vous écris pour demander à chaque membre de notre association disposé à le faire d'amener sa contribution vers une solution au problème actuel: appeler votre sénateur, réprésentant au congrès, député, membre du Parlement,diplomates, membres de la presse afin d'influencer l'opinion publique sur cette situation pour une resolution rapide de ce conflit actuel.

An balema MANSAdenw:

Aw caman ye kibaruyaw mèn nyangatawalejuguw kan min ni lagine finitigiw bè ka olu boli an balema laginekaw kan. Ibarahima Sori Kònde ka kunun sèbèn, min ni Walantèn Widirini labanna k'a jènsen, ani Kòrinelia Ginsingi ka kunafoni dilen Tubabula jabaralakibaruyaw la, ye an balema ninnu ka nyanili la dòòni dòròn ye. Ne bè nin bataki ci an ka tònden bèè ma min se mana kè min ye, i k'o jira nin nynangata nyòntili la: k'i ka jamana politiki nyèmògò, lasigiden walima kibarusèbèn tigilimamògòw ladònniya yalasa duniya kuntilenna bè yèlèma ka fura tèliman sòrò ni cogoya la.

Kasimu Kònè
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