[Mansa-l] election stuff

David Conrad basitigi at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 30 14:30:12 CDT 2008


The nominations that suddenly appeared on the list-serv were  
volunteered by esteemed colleagues who misunderstood how this was  
intended to be handled. No one is at fault for these kinds of things  
that are normal in electronic communication.

When that happened, I immediately started receiving complaints from  
some members that this was "unfair."

I initially had not noticed that those had gone onto the list-serv,  
but when I did, I sent you individual messages containing the first  
nominations received for each of the candidates.

I've received multiple nominations for each of two candidates that  
have so far volunteered their services, but we only need one  
nomination for each of them. One of them iis concerned that he was  
also nominated by other people, but that these did not appear on the  
list-serv. Please, let us not confuse nominations with votes. We will  
carry out the vote in due time, and it seems safe to assume that each  
of the candidates will receive more than two or three votes.

I'm also receiving questions now about when & how to vote. If you are  
unsure, please re-read the long memo I sent out last week. (Anyone  
who did not receive the memo must have changed addresses without  
notifying Rich Warms: <r.warms at txstate.edu> and therefore will not  
see this memo either, which is a constant problem for MANSA  

Once I'm sure I've received statements from everyone who wants to be  
a candidate, I will send those out in both the newsletter and also  
place them on the web site. When everything is in place, we'll call  
for a vote.

Now, I think it's time for me to mention that I am DEEPLY disturbed  
by certain developments in MANSA of which I've become aware over the  
past couple of months, starting when I was still traveling in  
Portugal. Prior to that I had heard mention of "factions" developing  
in our organization, but did not understand how that could be  
possible, and did not take it seriously.  I feel I have still been  
kept very much in the dark about something that has been going on,  
but having acquired some additional information  am now taking this  
very seriously.

I intend to do everything I can to see to it that my departure from  
the MANSA presidency does not result in disunity and bad feelings in  
the organization, the likes of which we have never before  
experienced. Therefore at some point between now and voting time, I  
will be sending you a memo addressing that issue, what it could mean  
for the organization as a whole, and what I think should be done to  
avoid future problems.

Best to all, David

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