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Nicholas Hopkins hopkins at aucegypt.edu
Wed Sep 10 13:21:35 CDT 2008


	I have a proposal to make, inspired in large part by some of the 
excellent papers at Lisbon plus some other work that I am doing: Could 
Mansa through its newsletter or otherwise act as a clearinghouse where 
people who have deposited their personal notes and archives can let 
colleagues know what they have done and where to find the material ? 
This might do two things: encourage people to make sure that their 
personal notes and so on are taken care of, at least in terms of future 
planning, and give people some idea of what the alternatives are by 
hearing what others have worked out.  We should share information.

	I myself plan to deposit at least my Malian notes in the National 
Anthropological Archives, hopefully before I pass away. In the meantime 
I have told my family. I have worked with the NAA some in the past and 
found them reasonable, and many years ago I spent a summer working for 
the predecessor organization, the Bureau of American Ethnology 
archives. Besides I live in Washington, so conveyance is easy. My 
Tunisian and especially Egyptian papers are in Cairo, and probably 
should stay here if I can work something out.

Nick Hopkins

Nicholas S. Hopkins
Professor of Anthropology Emeritus
American University in Cairo
P.O.Box 2511
Cairo 11511 Egypt

On Sep 8, 2008, at 10:19 PM, David Conrad wrote:

> MANSAdenw:
> In the final session of our wonderful conference in Lisbon I announced 
> that as of the MANSA meeting at ASA in Chicago, I am resigning my 
> position as MANSA President.
> Therefore, MANSA Newsletter #63 will be my last editorial effort on 
> behalf of our organization, and I'm hoping to get another excellent 
> response from you with submissions for my final issue.
> Since putting out the previous newsletter, I've received publication 
> notices from Marloes Janson, Pat Imperato and Sarah Brettj-Smith. I 
> also have the book so kindly edited by Jan Jansen, Mohamed N'Daou, and 
> Stephen Belcher, and contributed to by many of you (to whom I'm very 
> grateful).
> But I know there must be many other publications in print since the 
> last newsletter, so please let me know about them now (no 
> "forthcomings" please, only items actually in print), and please 
> remember to include all the appropriate publication information, 
> including page numbers for journal articles. As always, notice of new 
> CDs, films, guest editorships, etc., are highly desirable. Also as 
> usual, please let me know about dissertations defended with date,  
> title, department, etc.
> We also need news of promotions, job changes, grant awards, honors 
> received, research sojourns in your subject regions, etc.. If you have 
> a performance, concert, or presentation to report, please describe it 
> in a few narrative lines or a short paragraph rather than sending the 
> news release or flyer, so I don't have to extract the information 
> myself.
> With warm regards to all, David
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