[Mansa-l] Mande Mansa - Essays in Honor of David C. Conrad - how to get a copy

Jansen, Jan JANSENJ at FSW.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Sep 10 03:55:26 CDT 2008

Dear Mansadenw

The volume in honor of our president and founder has been published in
the series Mande Worlds (Volume 2). Below you find the Table of
I will bring copies to the ASA in Chicago, but those who want to order a
copy with discount (the official price is 29,90 euro)

can send 20 euro (or 28 US $) cash to 

J. Jansen
Department of Cultural Anthropology
P.O. Box 9555
2300 RB Leiden
The Netherlands

Or send the same amount to Postbank account number 4176408, J. Jansen,
Johan Winnubstlaan 13, 3533 EA Utrecht

Kind regards


Table of Contents

(Stephen Belcher, Jan Jansen and Mohamed N'Daou)

Puppet Masquerades in Kirango, Mali: Continuity, Innovation, and
Changing Contexts
(Mary Jo Arnoldi and Elisabeth den Otter)

Locating Sankaran, Locating the Conde
(Laura Arntson)

The Problem of the Mande Creation Myth
(Ralph A. Austen)

Beyond Excavation - The Dia Archaeological Project
(Rogier M.A. Bedaux and Annette M. Schmidt)

Deconstructing the Conradian Modus Operandi
(Louise Bedichek)

Some Observations on the Textualization of the 'Charte de Kouroukan
(Stephen Belcher)

'Si Allah le Veut' - A Tribute to David Conrad
(Louise M. Bourgault)

Homage to Daouda Conde
(Brahima Camara)

The African Intellectual in the Court of Public Opinion: A Critical
(Mamadou Diawara)

Nansa Doumbia: Matriarch, Artist, and Guardian of Tradition
(Barbara E. Frank)

The Struggle for Leadership in Mande
(Nicholas S. Hopkins)

Trade, Identity and the Linkages between Freetown and the Mande
(Allen M. Howard and David E. Skinner)

Mali by Stamps - An Inquiry into a Country's Image
(Jan Jansen)

Words of Power: Magical Spells of the Mande Hunters
(Agnes Kedzierska-Manzon)

Deep Discourses - A Tour of the Mande Power Landscape
(Roderick J. McIntosh)

Mediations: Tayiru Banbera and David Conrad
(Paulo F. de Moraes Farias)

Djibril Tamsir Niane and David Conrad: Collaborative Re-imagining of the
Mande Past Across the Atlantic
(Mohamed Saidou N'Daou)

On the Terminology of the Mande World 
(Mamadou Lamine Sanogo)

Faso and Jamana: Provisional Notes on Mande Social Thought in Malian
Political Discourse, 1946-1979
(Brandon County and Ryan Skinner)

In Memory of a Great Singer: The Dogon Baja Ni as a Cultural-Historical
(Walter E.A. van Beek)

To Be Respectful in Mande - Where Does Maninka Honorific Vocabulary Come
(Valentin Vydrine)

Publications by David C. Conrad

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