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Fri Oct 31 07:25:00 CDT 2008

Dear Mansa members,
How are you and i hope you are all doing fine. I am a Master's student in African History at the University of the Gambia. I am writing my thesis on the Contribution of Gambian Soldiers to World War II. I shall also focus some attention on the impact of the war on the soldiers and the Gambian society.
In light of this, i wish to make this appeal to Mansa members who can access journal articles to assist me with journal materials on the IMPACTS OF WORLD WAR II ON THE GAMBIAN SOLDIERS AND SOCIETY AS WELL AS THOSE UNRETURNED SOLDIERS. I would also appreciate any journal material on the above subject related to any African country. This is because i cannot access journal articles.
Your assistance in this respect would compliment my archival and field research. 
Thank you in advance and i look forward to your assistance.
Sincerly Yours,
Bakary Sanyang.
MA student at the University of the Gambia.  

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