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I've asked Jan Jansen for a more substantive statement for his  
candidate Brahima Camara that I could put in the newsletter with the  
others. Jan is leaving for vacation, but has given me permission to  
edit the statement myself. I had hoped for some details from  
Brahima's resumé or more information about his work with Jan, but  
those are not available for now. So I've prepared a statement based  
on my own knowledge and experience of Brahima, and am sending it out  
here, and will insert it with the others into the newsletter.

Jan Jansen’s Vice-Presidential Candidate Brahima Camara (submitted by  
David Conrad)

Brahima Camara, a long-time MANSA member, holds a Ph.D. from the  
University of Bayreuth, and his teaching duties at the Université du  
Mali include German language subjects. In the past decade or so,  
several MANSAdenw have had the advantage of working with Brahima on  
various projects, and it’s always a pleasure to meet with him in his  
office at the university. Brahima is Jan Jansen’s jatigi in Bamako  
and regularly assists Jan on various projects including the series  
“African Sources for African History” published by Brill. All  
publications in that series are required to include the original  
language text, and when the text is Bamana or Maninka, Brahima has  
served as the main proof-reader for those languages in the series. In  
fact, he performed that duty surprisingly quickly and efficiently on  
my book Somono Bala of the Upper Niger. I’m also grateful for his  
reading of the Maninka text of the epic of Al-Hadj ‘Umar Tal, in my  
Safiyatu and Laji Umaru (not yet published). Brahima has done similar  
work for several other MANSAdenw, and I believe they’ve all found him  
to be a wonderful colleague and a great pleasure to work with. Since  
finishing his graduate studies in Germany some years ago, Brahima has  
continued to be active internationally, attending the 2002 Mande  
Studies Conference in Leiden. Unfortunately, illness prevented him  
from joining us for the 2005 Guinea sessions. He also hoped to attend  
the 2008 conference in Lisbon, but that plan was ended by a request  
to perform a mission for the Malian government, which clearly  
indicates their recognition of his talents and accomplishments.  
Brahima Camara is one of MANSA’s most accomplished Malian members and  
is held in high esteem by all of us who know him and have worked with  
him. He is, moreover, one of our most active Malian academic  
colleagues who will doubtless play a leading organizing role the next  
time a Mande studies conference is held in his country.

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