[Mansa-l] Vice-Presidential candidacy statement #1

David Conrad basitigi at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 13 16:36:24 CDT 2008

Written and submitted by Jan Jansen:

Brahima Camara (Université du Mali, PhD from University of Bayreuth)  
is my ideal running mate. He has been my jatigi  in Bamako for almost  
a decade. He is not only a colleague with whom I love to discuss  
scholarly work, he has also been a constant source of strategic  
advice and valuable help for me and many of my students. I will  
definitely benefit from his expertise in the preparations of the 2011  
MANSA international conference, which I propose to organize in the  
West African country with which I am most familiar: Mali. (Ségou was  
suggested to me by several members as an excellent location –  
let’s explore this option!) In this period of transition, a location  
that is more or less familiar to the executive board may be the best  
choice. Brahima Camara’s help would also be of major importance when  
the time comes for the practical organization of the 2011 conference.  
Thanks to his international orientation, his large network, and his  
administrative expertise he will be able to activate a large number  
of the MANSA scholars who live in West Africa.

However, the MANSA by-laws state that ‘The Vice President shall, in  
the absence or disability of the
President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the  
President’. Because Brahima Camara lives in Bamako, he won’t be  
able to perform several duties of a MANSA president, if circumstances  
force him (for instance presiding the annual meeting). Thus, I cannot  
formally propose my ideal running mate as a candidate for vice- 
president. I am therefore most honored that MANSA founding member  
Walter van Beek is willing to act as vice-president, and will accept  
all obligations related to that office, conforming with the by-laws.  
(But Brahima Camara will still be my running mate, and he looks  
forward to make a substantial contribution to MANSA.)

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