[Mansa-l] nominations

David Conrad basitigi at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 4 12:49:49 CDT 2008


I now have formal statements from two candidates for MANSA President  
and one candidate for Vice-President. I need to move forward with the  
process, publishing those statements in the newsletter and on the  

If any other nominations are pending, the nominee would be extremely  
rushed to produce a formal statement, which will mean I must further  
delay printing of the newsletter, which will put me in a serious time- 
crunch because, you may be astonished to know, I have other things to  
deal with than MANSA business. Therefore, I think I must close  
nominations as of Monday, October 6.

While I (hopefully) have your attention, I'd like to include here a  
few observations:

In the past few months since the Lisbon conference, I've received a  
number of messages from European members conveying varying degrees of  
concern regarding the manner in which our forthcoming election is  
being conducted.
I'm not commenting here on the substance of their messages, but  the  
tone and nuance of sentiments expressed.
In that regard, terms describing emotions such as "suspicion,"  
"anger," "fear," "trepidation," "anxiety," "tension," "nervousness,"  
and yes, "paranoia" come to mind.

I'd like to make a couple of points at this time:
1. In the twenty-two years of my administration of this organization,  
it has never occurred to me to think of the membership as Africans,  
Americans, Europeans, etc. You're all MANSAdenw, and I hope you can  
accept my guarantee that contrary to a discussion that I'm told took  
place during the MANSA banquet on the final night of the Lisbon  
conference, there is no "conspiracy" among the Americans regarding  
our presidential elections. Our international conferences were never  
conceived as occasions for business meetings, and there has never  
been any thought or intention of conducting business at those times,  
least of all elections.

2. Could everybody who is feeling the above listed emotions regarding  
any kind of election other than the forthcoming one between Barak  
Obama and John McCain please take a deep breath and contemplate blue  
skies and good things to eat?

We are not deciding on the leadership of the (allegedly) "free world."
Moreover, the MANSA presidency does not open a golden path to wealth  
and glory.
This is an election to decide, basically, who will take on the burden  
of editing MANSA Newsletter for the next couple of years, and  
chairing a couple of MANSA meetings.

It almost seems to me that some of my correspondents are thinking  
that the next MANSA tenure is slated to last for about 22 years. This  
is not the case. The next MANSA President will server for two or  
three years, and then somebody else will hold that office.

In our own little election, one candidate will obtain the dubious  
distinction of "winning," and the other one will be relieved to have  
the next couple of years to decide if he really wants to do this. So  
please stay calm and don't worry about rigged ballots (this was  
actually mentioned), hanging chads, and basitigiya.

With warm regards to all, David

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