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Dear friends and collegues

I suggest that Mansa power structures are modelled on traditional Mande patterns.

A republican model - as suggested by John and others - will make of Mansa the kind of horrific bad governance as exemplified by the French cloned regimes of Mande region.

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  As a founding member of ManSa, I fully support all these suggestions. 
  Is there a way to change our constitution via e-mail voting? This could 
  be put into practice after sufficient e-mail debate and before our next 
  election two years hence.

  John Johnson

  Quoting Martin Klein <martin.klein at utoronto.ca>:

  > Dear colleagues,
  > I would like to congratulate Kassim and Barbara on their election. I
  > would also like make some suggestions about process. David Conrad has
  > functioned brilliantly for 22 years as a democratically elected
  > monarch. We all appreciate his devoted leadership. Nevertheless, when
  > a king yields to a republican form of government, we have to ask what
  > rules we want. The present rules are inadequate.
  > First, there should be a secret ballot. To vote, I had to write three
  > members of the electoral committee, all of whom know how I voted.
  > Second, there should be an automatic succession from vice-president
  > to president. There should be an election every two years for
  > vice-president. The vice-president should then automatically succeed
  > to the presidency. Power in academic organizations is evanescent.
  > Whatever program the candidate has, it is over before he or she can
  > do anything. The automatic success guarantees that the incoming
  > president is experienced and that there is an orderly process of
  > succession. This is how most academic organizations function.
  > Third, there is a problem of our different constituencies. We consist
  > of three groups. Mansa sometimes functions as an American
  > organization. It meets annually at the ASA meeting and Americans
  > dominate the planning for our international meetings. The second
  > group is European. Some attend the ASA and many attend our
  > international meetings. There should be someone, perhaps Jan, who can
  > coordinate events within Europe. Are there Mansa panels at the Aegis
  > meeting? Two years ago, I heard Petr Skolnik plead with Russian
  > colleagues at a Moscow conference to get involved with Aegis.
  > Perhaps, European members of Mansa should do likewise. Maybe, they
  > should have an information network on events in Europe dealing with
  > Mande history and culture. The third constituency is those who come
  > from the areas we study. We all know the problems they have funding
  > research and travel, but there are organizations and meetings within
  > Africa. Perhaps, through WARA or CODESRIA, they can become a more
  > autonomous group functioning within the MAnde homelands. This relates
  > to a larger question that should be of concern to all of us, that
  > agendas within all scholarly disciplines are determined by people
  > outside Africa. We have tried to facilitate participation by our
  > African brethren in our international meetings, but this is probably
  > not enough. There are organizations that can articulate African
  > agendas. The recognition of a group within Mansa could contribute to
  > that goal.
  > These ideas are to stimulate discussion. I hope that others pick up on them.
  > Martin Klein
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