[Mansa-l] Lisbon panel

David Conrad basitigi@sbcglobal.net
Sat, 13 Oct 2007 15:28:37 -0700


Here is another panel proposal for the 7th International Conference  
in Lisbon:

Trade, traders and cross-cultural relationship in Greater Senegambia:  
the historical background to the dynamics of the present

Co-chair: Peter Mark and Josť da Silva Horta

 From the Saharan fringe to the Atlantic forest, Greater Senegambia  
has been
historically a transition space whose major traits were social  
and complementarity, which served mutual trading interests. Long  
Mande traders connected the sahel-savannah to the Guinean routes and
markets, where they met other African agents of local and trans-riverine
commerce, Luso-African merchants and European traders. Within this
meta-space, different systems of production and commercialization
interacted. The mixing of products, bringing together the skills of  
and the mixing of technologies, reflects the connected histories of
different continents and subcontinents:from Europe, America, and  
Morocco, to
West Africa. This panel aims to discuss this context of cross-cultural
relationships and  the way they have evolved from the fifteenth  
century to
the present.