[Mansa-l] Conference panel

David Conrad basitigi@sbcglobal.net
Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:11:57 -0700


Here's another panel organizer's call for papers:

Rod McIntosh: **Mande Landscapes of Power: Reconstructing power-rich  
localities and corridors through time."*

At the intersections of the Mande research disciplines, art history,  
oral tradition, archaeology, and the like, is the recurrent theme of  
the created moral landscape.  Mande men and women of action augment  
the moral power, especially of topographies already rich in occult  
power, by their actions and discoveries.  Just how far back in time  
can the concept of the power-rich locality be taken?  What are the  
lines of evidence, from the various historical disciplines, that  
would allow us to talk even about the evolution of the idea of the  
created moral landscape?