[Mansa-l] more on Lucy Duran's BBC tribute to Ali Farka Toure

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Sun, 12 Mar 2006 17:21:27 -0500

Mansa colleagues:

I was transfixed by the tribute to Ali Farka Toure that aired last night on
the BBC World Routes program. I hope some of you were able to hear it. If
not, you can access the program for just one week until next Saturday's

I just got this info from Lucy:

The programme includes the full spectrum of Ali's music plus some rather
wonderful contributions - including an inspiring analysis by Ry Cooder of
what it was like to work with Ali on Talking Timbuktoo; a report from Nick
Gold (boss of the record label World Circuit) direct from Bamako about the
funeral in Niafunke; the voice of Ali himself in an extended interview in
1992, just after he had first met Ry Cooder, reflecting on that meeting and
talking about his belief in the Ghimbala spirits amongst other things; some
poignant comments (via telephone line) by our very own Mansa members Kassim
Kone and Cherif Keita on why Ali was special to Malians; some rare archive
recordings; and a preview of Ali's very last and extraordinary album
Savane, with his Ngoni Band, which World Circuit is planning to release
sometime later this year, and of which Ry Cooder says: "the door is closed
on that sound, we'll never hear it again!"
Alla ka hinn'a la.

The programme can be accessed via the BBC website any time all this week,
until next saturday, March 18.
<www.bbc.co.uk/radio3> then go to World Routes.

World Routes will also air a special programme recorded live at the Hogon
in Bamako last month featuring kora player Toumani Diabate and his
Symmetric Orhcestra. That will go out on the first saturday in April.

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