[Mansa-l] kankan peace conference

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Tue, 07 Mar 2006 13:36:51 -0500

Dear all,

  I just wanted to let you know that Gorée Institute - African Peace 
Activities Program - in partnership with the Mano River Women's Peace 
Network (MARWOPNET) - will organize a 1-week conference at Kankan from 
March 31 through April 6.
  The participants (about 30- 40) are mainly from West African civil 
society organizations and research institutions.

  The subject of this meeting is "Women and peace-building" focusing on 
the rôle of women actors in trans border areas (Mano River, 
"Senegambia"). The intent is to support multidisciplinary study-groups 
who have already defined their subjects, such as:

  1) Aliin Siitoye Jaata, lessons to learn from her movement and her 
teachings (social reconstruction, environmental issues and other 
  2) The rôle of trans border women merchants in peace-building - the 
case of the Guéckédou area (and eventually also the case of the 
Casamance / Guinea Bissau area)
  3) The transformation of popular tales (fables) into instruments for 
peace education

  The agenda includes a 3-day training on methods of collecting field 
data (including eventually life-histories) with audio-visual support 
and with special attention on the use of sensitive data (ethics). This 
is needed because the study groups are supposed to publish their 
findings. The training will be done by CESTI, Center of Science and 
Technology of Information at Dakar University.

  We would be glad to have the support of all those mansadenw who are in 
possession of knowledge on one or all of the three subjects mentioned 
above. We invite all mansadenw who are in the area at that time to 
assist the meeting (or parts of it) and we will be happy to include 
students of Kankan University in the fieldwork training.

 Au plaisir

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