[Mansa-l] Meeting results

Wed, 23 Nov 2005 10:50:46 -0800


As usual the minutes of the last meeting will be printed in the next  
issue of MANSA Newsletter. However, I will not be able to get that  
out until I return from West Africa in late January. Meanwhile there  
are some new developments that I want to inform you about immediately:

1. Our new Secretary-Treasurer is Laura Arntson. However, until  
further notice, please continue sending your membership dues to  
Catherine Bogosian while they take care of transferring the bank  
account and making the other necessary changes. As soon as the  
changes are in place we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, the important thing is not to let the change-over  
interfere with dues payments. Go ahead and make out your check to  
MANSA and send it in now.
(Remember, except for those who have paid years in advance, we are  
all must pay our membership by the end of December.)

2. Student dues have been increased from the $5 of the past twenty  
years, to a presently more realistic $10. As before, if you're paying  
the student rate and want to receive the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND  
USEFUL journal MANDE STUDIES, add $15 to your payment.

3. The following conference is being planned by Tim Geysbeek,  
Christian H°jbjerg, James Fairhead, and Louise Bedichek:
Upper Guinea Frontiers: Border Dynamics and Regional Stability  
(Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, C˘te d'Ivoire).
Time: dates yet to be determined between April and August 2007
Place: Hotel Mt. Nimba, N'Zerekore, Guinea (very near the Liberian  
Details to follow (we'll put their entire proposal on the list-serv)
NOTE: This will not be an International Conference on Mande Studies.  
They propose that it be "co-sponsored" by MANSA, the Liberian Studies  
Association, and possibly others.

4. The attending members unanimously voted in favor of holding the  
Portugal, 23-27 June, 2008. More details will be in the next  
newsletter and subsequent communications.

5. All board members' terms had expired, and they were replaced by  
the following MANSAdenw:

Seydou Camara (Institut des Sciences Humaines, Bamako)
Paulo Fernando de Moreas Farias (Birmingham University, UK)
Barbara Hoffman (Cleveland State University)
Allen Howard (Rutgers University)
Dolores Koenig (American University)
Valentin Vydrine (Museum of Anthropology & Technology, St.  
Petersburg, Russia)

Regards to all, David