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> Message 2: Bibliography on Mandinka
> Date: 03-Feb-2005
> From: Joana Rossello <joana.rosselloub.edu>
> Subject: Bibliography on Mandinka
> Dear colleagues,
> we are a group of researchers and graduate students at the University  
> of
> Barcelona working on a Niger-Congo underdescribed language called  
> Mandinka.
> What we intend to do is describe the language and produce educational
> material for the Mandinka population in Senegal and Catalonia. So far  
> we
> have been doing fieldwork with a native speaker in Barcelona, but we  
> are
> interested in finding additional information, e.g. published grammars  
> or
> papers dealing with its phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, etc.  
> Can
> you help us? Or maybe there are other linguists doing the same work. We
> would be more than glad to contact them.
> Here is the bibliography that we have looked up:
> 1) Man Lafi Dramé (2003) Parlons mandinka, Paris: L'Harmattan.
> 2) L. Gràcia & J. M. Contreras (2003) El soninké i el mandinga, estudi
> comparatiu entre les gramàtiques del soninké i el mandinga i la del  
> català,
> Gabinet d?Assessorament Lingüístic per a la Immigració - Universitat de
> Girona, Departament de Benestar Social.
> 3) Londoo Firoo (2003) Mandinka kango taamañaa, Dakar: Associates in
> Research and Education for Development.
> 4) Bamba, M. and M. Liberman, ''Focus in Manding''. LSA annual meeting  
> (1999).
> Linguistic Field(s): Language Description
> Subject Language(s): Mandinka (MNK)
> Language Family(ies): Niger-Congo