[Mansa-l] MANSA web site

David Conrad basitigi@earthlink.net
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 23:47:34 -0400

I want to let you know that during the spring semester I was working to
up-date the web-site, which had fallen  woefully out of date. I can now
report that it is almost completely up-dated.

I've re-written the "MANSA History" section to include the Fifth
International Conference in Leiden. I think one outstanding feature of that
section is the list of all Ph.D. dissertations that have been completed by
past and present MANSA members (some drop their memberships after
defending). I believe the list of dissertation titles now numbers 43.

The list of present and past officers has been up-dated, as has the section
listing the contents of our journal MANDE STUDIES and other sections that I
can't think of without going to the site.

Our Webtigi Richard Warms, as always, has done a superb job of responding
quickly and efficiently to all my requests for changes and additions.

The biggest web site job is maintaining the "Membership Directory," It
should now be pretty much current for dues paying members, although it can
never be perfect because members are constantly lapsing, renewing, changing
addresses, etc. Please check your own listing to be sure you're in the
Directory and that the entry is correct. If you need a correction, please
send it direct to the webtigi at his new address: r.warms@txstate.edu

(Please also be sure to note the new address he recently sent out for our
web site.)

The main thing that I still have to do for the web site is to up-date the
sponsored members in the Directory. I only recently received their current
list as an attachment that will allow me to insert the ones that are
missing. I'll get to that as soon as I can later in the summer.

Finally, at long last I will be working with Richard to get the issues of
the newsletter into a section of the web site as they come out. But that too
will be a bit later.

I'll be back from Mali in about two weeks, but will check e-mail while

Best to all, David