Field Description
Request date This is today's date, the date of the request.
First name Enter your first name.
Last name Enter your last name.
TxState email address Enter your TxState email address. Only TxState faculty, staff, and students may request new mailing lists.
Primary email address Enter your primary email address if it's different from your TxState email address. This field is not required.
Suggested list name If you have a suggestion for the name of this list, enter it here, i.e. ""
List description Enter a thorough description of the list's audience. Include organization names, if appropriate. This information will be used to choose a name for the list.
Number of members Estimate the largest number of subscribers this list will have. The size of the list may affect certain aspects of your list, such as delivery options.
List managers Enter the names and email addresses of persons who may manage the subscriber list. If you are the only person who will manage the list, you may leave this item blank.
Web-based archive Choose whether you would like the list's messages to be saved to a web-accessible archive. Access to the archive can be restricted to current list subscribers, or open to anyone in the world (public). Please note that these archives are a permanent record and may be subject to Texas and U.S. law.
Subscription policy Choose your subscription policy.
  • Request/Approve - Persons may use the list server's web interface to request a subscription, but that request must be approved by a list manager before being granted.
  • Self-service - Persons who request a subscription via the list server's web interface are automatically subscribed.
  • Manual only - All new subscribees must be manually entered by a list manager.
Posting policy Choose a posting policy.
  • Subscribers only - Only persons currently in the subscription list may send messages through the list.
  • Anyone - Not recommened. Choosing this option increases the chances of spam finding its way to your list. Any person in the world may send a message through the list.
  • Moderated - All messages sent to the list must be approved by a list manager before being delivered to subscribers.
Advertized List Choose whether this list will appear in the list of lists at